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If I’m stressed,  my life looks like this:  First with physical symptoms… head aches, backaches. TENSION. Then, if I let myself really listen for the answer, it would then look like indecision, feeling down in the dumps, being hard on myself for not being, or doing something different.

Are you running around doing everything for everyone, but don’t have time for a cup of coffee?  Maybe you skip the gym, again, to take care of daily chores. Do you find yourself trying to trying to please everyone and you come last?

Terri Brumett

You really want to say no to the personal asking you to volunteer for one more thing, but you say ‘Yes’, and then wish you didn’t.

You wake up at 2 am wishing your life was different, but hey, you knew what you were getting into, so you don’t feel like you have the right to change how things are?

You find yourself holding back from expressing your thoughts because you feel like it isn’t appropriate to say what you have to say, so you choke it back. You don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, so you stay quiet  – either boiling inside, and it feels like a part of you is dying, and has been for years.


If you are ready to take a small step forward, just one tiny step toward allowing you to be yourself….Not the self you are “supposed” to be, but the vibrant, wonderful person that you are.. If you are ready to stand up, speak up, and say what you really want to say….

If you are ready to crawl out from under all the crap you are buried under (not pretty, but that is what it feels like, right?)…. Let’s talk!

Through Body Mind Coaching, we can move you out of the grind of daily life that wears you down so you can start letting the brighter, livelier person that you know you are start to come ALIVE! 

 You can feel better, live better, and move forward and enjoy your life the way you want. 

If you are ready to Explore Your Life and Gain a New Perspective – Let’s Talk!!!

Terri Brumett

Let's talk!

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