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Hiking in Arizona

Terri Brumett

Retreat Leader, Body Mind Coach, Licensed Massage Therapist

Here I am, Exploring my World!  That is a picture from outside of Page, Arizona.  A great day and a great view!

My story:

Becoming a Retreat Leader and Coach is the result of what I am here to share with you.  There was always something else that seemed to have priority over my own needs.  I didn’t honor myself – and it showed up in lack of sleep, crankiness, and sadness.  I was looking for something, I just didn’t know what it was.

I realized I was living by someone else’s rules and not listening to what my heart and soul wanted.  No wonder I was stressed out. I started to make wide awake decisions for myself and it changed my life!

One of those decisions was to go to Massage school back in 1999.  I really, really wanted to help people feel better in their lives.  I was choosing between a masters in social work or massage school.  Both would have been helping people.  Massage drew my heart. When I interviewed for the social work program it felt heavy, serious, and actually, a little bleak.  My heart picked massage!

Nineteen years later, I felt that need for a change.  Personally and professionally.  I was noticing that my clients were circling in their stress patterns.  Massage was only addressing the physical aspect.  I started searching. That’s when I found BodyMind Coaching which addresses the mental and emotional side of our stress!

I made a decision that changed everything! I put myself first. I invested in learning for me!  Inner self stuff.  Not technical classes.  I found Body Mind Coaching!

That decision brought me to coaching. Once again, I found myself looking for something different and something new.  Helping people through coaching has helped me fulfill my desire to help others in a deeper fashion. The fact that I can integrate body work and coaching is amazing.

This works by realizing that the patterns and habits that cause you stress in your body – i.e. shoulders up in your ears, also have mental and emotional components.  When both areas get addressed, true change happens!


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