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Your Heart is a Compass

Say Yes to You!


Life is full of surprises, obligations, and 100s of “I didn’t expect that” moments.  As busy women, it’s easy to get lost in taking care of others and we lose focus on ourselves.

This retreat is designed to help you hit the pause button so you can relax, enjoy some down time with some wonderful ladies, and learn some fun techniques to use in your daily life.

Does any of this sound familiar:

You run around doing everything for everyone, but don’t have time for a cup of coffee.  Maybe you skip the gym, again, to do chores.

You wake up at 2am wishing your life were different, but you don’t feel like you have the right to change how things are. Maybe you just don’t know how.

Do you feel like you hold yourself back from expressing your thoughts?

Are you sick of living an “Either/Or” life? Do you get stressed out trying to make everyone else happy and get lost in the process?

 Deep Down, you would Love to:

Have the time to take a breath, attend that yoga class you use to go to….

Feel confident and strong telling someone “no, I’m not available for that right now.” – and then walk away feeling empowered.

Sleep well through the night knowing, “you got this”, you have a plan, and are enjoying the life you’ve created.


This Retreat is for you:

If you are ready to spend a weekend nurturing yourself…

If you are ready to uncover the vibrant, wonderful woman that you are..

If you are ready to stand up and express what you really want to say….

If you are ready to retrain your brain to support you during challenges…

If you are ready to have some fun!


                 You will learn:

How beliefs you have may be limiting you from moving forward and how to change them

How the words you use influence you

Ways to get crystal clear on what you want out of life

Strategies to help you get unstuck and move forward



Being supported and nurtured through the whole weekend

Having time to get quiet, journal and have some ah-ha moments.

Laugh, dance, and enjoy life!




location and time to be determined



For More Info call 970-201-2990

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Credit card, cash, and checks accepted

Payment options available



If you are ready to take action, give yourself a little love, learn some fun stuff to move you forward toward what you want out of life, and re-discover how wonderful you are….

Sign up today and I will see you in February!